Learn about Amonag Academy
Learn about Amonag Academy Available languages: EN RU

Learn about Amonag Academy

What is Amonag Academy?

Amonag Academy is the center of distance learning, which allows you to master any profession in the field of Marketing and Advertising, Economics and Management, Fashion and Style, Information Technology, Psychology, Culture and Art in one of the languages offered on the website. You can learn the course in one or more languages at once.

How to begin studying

Select the professional area that interests you by clicking on the list of sections in the upper right corner of the screen. (pic.1)

On the page of the section you will see all available courses of the chosen field of activity. All languages available for this course are indicated in the description under each course as well as the number of hours required for studying on the course and the cost of the course. (pic.2)

Click on the course you like to read more about it. (pic.3)

Subscription period - is the period for that all course materials will be available to you. For all simple courses, the subscription period is 1 year. For the complex courses and MBA courses - 3 years. The subscription period can be extended, but generally you are given enough time to study all the proposed materials several times.

Volume is the approximate number of hours that you will need to study the proposed material.

Available Languages - the languages that are available through the entire course and that you can choose for learning the materials of the course. (pic.4)

On the page describing the course, you can also see the training program for the selected course. (pic.5)

To start learning the course, it is enough to fill in the fields with the name and email and click on the button "Subscribe" (pic.6).

You will be redirected to the Personal Account, where all purchased courses and courses awaiting payment are displayed. Click the "Pay" button to get the access to the training course. Choose the most convenient way of payment and follow the further instructions sent to your e-mail. (pic.7)

Once the payment is made, you will be able to start learning. Go to your Personal Account and click the "Learn" button under the course. You redirected to Amonag Campus - the Amonag student education page.(pic.8)

Each course consists of several logical parts - books.(pic.9)

In the description under each book you can see how long it will take to study it. There can be even more Available languages ​​in a book than it is stated in the course. Status shows you how many days of access to the course and its materials are left. Each book has a translation of the sentences in all of the languages ​​indicated in the book's description. Sometimes translations are even more than it's indicated in the description for the course, but since not all the course books have a translation into an additional language, we do not specify additional languages ​​on the main page of the course.(pic.10)

Click on the "Learn" button to start learning.

Click on "Subscribe" now to go to the Amonag Campus Personal Account and see how the training looks like using the example of a demo lesson.


Learn about Amonag Academy
Learn about Amonag Academy Available languages: EN RU


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